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Welcome to Mediate 2 Settle

Empowering People. Resolving Disputes.

Mediate2Settle (“M2S”) – provides a safe and understanding environment for you to mediate a divorce settlement, address ongoing family disputes and ultimately reach a fair settlement for all parties concerned. We have an extensive 20+ years experience in multi-party dispute management and negotiation, and 10+ years in family crisis intervention counselling. You owe it to yourself and your children to try to reach mediated settlement instead of opting for litigation.
Everyone deserves happiness and a chance to have a new start in life. Let us assist you.

What We Do

Divorce Mediation

Whether your have already gone down that road of hiring lawyers and have started a litigation process or you are just starting off and wondering how best to handle your divorce – it is never too late for the parties to put the breaks on the process, take a step back and rather look at the alternative and far less costly method to finalize all the issues associated with your divorce.
Ultimately your divorce will be granted and a settlement will be “reached” between you and your spouse. The issue becomes, do you wish to go through a protracted 12 – 36 month very expensive legal process or a 4 – 8 week process?

Divorce Coaching

Not all parties going through a divorce agree to entering into a mediation process to settle the issues of their divorce. Often one party “forces” the other into a litigation. If so, this will, unfortunately, become one of the most stressful, energy draining and costly times in your life. We understand that.
It calls for devising a strategy, managing your legal team and taking a host of decisions which in all probability you have never had to take before in your life. Our divorce coaching provides you with the expertise “on-your-side”- where we fill an important supportive role that family and friends are simply not equipped to provide.

Family Dispute Mediation

Disputes happen in the best of families. The longer they go on – the harder it is for the parties to come together and resolve their issues. Life is short! Our approach will assist all members of the family who are embroiled in the dispute to “have a voice and be heard” in a safe and non-threatening environment. Sometimes, all it takes is a genuine validation of the persons who feel aggrieved and an apology offered by all those concerned, for the pain which we have caused one another.

Life Coaching

Life is tough after a divorce, especially if the process was litigious with years of paying exorbitant legal fees and ultimately being forced by a judge into a settlement which you feel was hardly fair.
Moving from spouse to ex-spouse to co-parents is a critical transition.
A strategy is needed when becoming a single parent, dealing with the issues that are bound to come up between you and your ex – living your life and finding happiness again. Emotional support is needed as you embark on the next chapter of your life. Whilst family and friends may have always been there for you, having an independent neutral party work with you and act as a “sounding board”, eases the immense pain that so many divorcees feel in the first few years after a divorce.

Meet Joshua Protter

Joshua Protter, the founder of Mediate2Settle, is a university trained, highly-skilled mediator, divorce coach and life coach with 20+ years of multi-party negotiating and conflict management experience. Joshua is a University trained and qualified family mediator.

Our Experience